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Your Hourly Horary Reading by Bill Kennick Virgo is clean, very clean. They are always cleaning up after other people and are un-appreciated. Or maybe under-appreciated. They make excellent nurses. Virgo being an earth sign makes them very practical and humble but they have a way of controlling you by being your servant. The master and the slave have equal control over one another, according to sociologist George Simmel. Other signs(read aries) will start a new tube of toothpaste, leaving it to Virgo to finish up the old one. The Virgo servant is often married to his master. As he cleans up after the master's family , he tells himself that when the revolution comes, that if he has anything to do with it, the master will be once of the first ones to get it, at the guillotine. Meantime, as he (she) wallows in self pity and self hate, he does mean little things . Remember the the strong identification between the self hating servants and the self hating animals.

Virgos make good caregivers but they are liable to be a little mean. Read it, and weep. Virgos have an adroit sense of rhythm and are graceful dancers but are seldom asked to dance because they are so mouse like. Naturally they hate the Leos for whom they provide a steady sourse of income. In his wildest dreams, the Virgo becomes a Leo, usually it becomes real when and while he is in his cups. But then the Virgo cant take the attention and blows it, to go back to being, as usual, William J Underdog. By William J Kennick Jr. .

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